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Registration and Training

Register yourself and all FAA websites for which you're responsible. You must have a valid FAA email address to register.

Coordinate static webpage template training through the web development lead and your Web Liaison. Basic ColdFusion experience (at least one year) is required to convert static web content to the templates on the centrally hosted FAA web server.

Content Review

Developer Standards

Familiarize yourself with the developer toolkit. Follow our web development standards and our style guide. Contact your Web Liaison with any questions regarding implementation.

Static Content

  • Static content for the public lives at Static content for employees lives at
  • Static content on FAA websites lives under one of the main topics listed in the header of, or For example, If your content is about air traffic, it will live under the Air Traffic topic tab.

Web Applications and Subdomains

  • Approved developers have access to the application templates for public and internal (employee) web applications. These templates closely mirror the look and feel of FAA's public website.
  • The application templates are written in static HTML and can be easily integrated with most applications.
  • We don't require that you code applications using ColdFusion. There are, however, branding standards for FAA applications.
  • Some custom off the shelf (COTS) applications have limited flexibility for customization. The Web Management Team and Web Liaisons will work with you on a case-by-case basis to determine the extent to which COTS and web-based applications can be branded.

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