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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the FAA Forms website?
FAA Forms is the officially designated electronic repository that maintains all authorized agency forms that are controlled within the FAA Forms Management Program. There are two websites that support both public-access and employee access. The website locations are:
How do I find a form on the FAA Forms website?
Use the search function on the FAA Forms website to locate a form by its number or title. Enter only the number or words in the title; do not include any prefixes such as "FAA", "AC", or other identifiers. A successful search result will provide customers with a link to the form's Document Information page, which provides information (metadata) that may include:
  • Form Number — all agency forms (with limited exceptions) are numbered using a 4-digit series identifier and an extension. Examples are AC 8050-1 Aircraft Registration, FAA 7233-1 Flight Plan, etc. When searching for forms by number, do not include the prefix (FAA, AC, etc.)
  • Form Title - provides a description of what the form is used for.
  • Office of Primary Responsibility (OPR) - the program office that is responsible for prescribing, maintaining, and managing the form.
  • Prescribing policy — a policy that prescribes the use of the form. This can be an Order, Notice, Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR), Rulemaking, etc.
  • Issuance/version date — when the form was issued for use, located at the bottom left-hand corner.
  • Contact information — technical point of contact or Subject Matter Expert (SME) of the form.
  • Mailing address — provided only for forms that require using the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) for submission.
  • Links to automated systems/websites that contain forms: MedXPress, Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), etc. The program offices for these systems/websites require that you access their specific forms using their process and systems. Thus, these form files are not maintained in the FAA Forms website.
  • Any other special instructions/data that may be useful in accessing, processing, or submitting the form.

In addition to using the standard search option, customers may also search for forms by topic or category. An example is "Top Requested Forms" which is located in the menu column on the far right side of the website. Customers may also view all forms by Document Number, Title, or Date by clicking on the link on the top, far right side of the website.

What are the types of forms?
Electronic Forms: A form file is provided for forms that are in an electronically downloadable Adobe PDF format. Exceptions to accessibility are forms designated as Restricted and instructions are provided on the form's Document Information page (within FAA Forms) in those instances for customers to contact the OPR to request a copy directly from them. If a form is only accessible through interface with an automated system that builds a digital form, a link will be provided for customers to access that system. A log-in may be required, so if you have questions about those systems, contact the listed Point of Contact (POC) for assistance.

Printed Hardcopy Forms: These are stocked at the FAA Logistics Center (FAALC). Forms may be ordered via the FAALC Customer Care Center (CCC). Call the CCC at (405) 954-3793 and provide as much of the following information as possible:

  1. Form Number
  2. Form Title
  3. National Stock Number (NSN)
  4. Supply Support Code
  5. Facility Type
  6. Location (mailing address)
  7. Point of contact (customer's name and telephone number)
Are there forms that aren't controlled in FAA Forms?
Forms that are fully automated or digitized, which are defined as those that are created/built within an electronic system or website through input/interface by the customer, and only exist within those systems. Because of their security restrictions, those forms are not maintained the in FAA Forms system.

Also, forms that are developed and issued for use internally within a specific organization or program office are identified as "Exclusive-Use" forms. These forms don't have enterprise-wide applicability or require the collaboration of multiple Lines of Business (LOB) organizations, so are controlled, managed, and distributed by those offices. An example would be a worksheet, developed by an office for limited use by their employees in tracking their time, prior to uploading the data to CASTLE, the official System of Record for Time and Attendance tracking. These types of forms are issued and managed internally by those organizations. For additional information on Exclusive-Use forms, read FAA Order 1330.1B, FAA Forms Management Program. For specific information and/or assistance regarding Exclusive-Use forms issued by an organization or office, contact the designated Forms Management Officer (FMO) for that LOB/office.

Additionally, some agency field offices, such as Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) and Office of Airports, have oversight of FAA airspace, airport, and aircraft activity for their geographic location. Within that authority, Airports and FSDOs can issue special forms or temporary permits for specific events, such as air show registrations, balloon or rocket launches, military maneuvers, flyovers, etc. Customers can contact someone through the FSDO website.

How do I find forms issued from other federal agencies?
Federal forms must be accessed from the agency that issues them. Customers should always go to the originating source to access and download forms directly from those entities to ensure that they get the most recently issued version. The most common federal government forms are Standard Forms (SF) and Optional Forms (OF), which are issued by the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). You may access SF and OF forms from the OPM website. The General Services Administration (GSA) also services to federal agencies and also provides access to a limited number of SF and OF forms. Links are provided to OPM, GSA, and other agencies that issue some of the more frequently used forms in connection with FAA activities, at the bottom of the FAA Forms website under the section titled Other Government Forms.
What other features does the FAA Forms website have?
A subscription service through GovDelivery is an available option whereby customers can be notified via email of changes made to a form in the series of their particular interest. Click on the link at the bottom of the home page and follow the instructions to activate service. Note that the service doesn't provide the service to any one particular form, rather it applies to an entire series, such as 1600, 1800, etc.
How can I contact someone if I have a question?
There are two ways in FAA Forms to contact someone for assistance. Go to the section titled "Contact Information", and:
  • Select the link titled Forms Management Officers (FMO) by Organization to access the list of people in each Line of Business that manage their forms. The OPR is provided on the form's Document Information page as a routing symbol. Look for the OPR on the Forms Management Officers list to identify the contact person.
  • Select the link titled Contact Us to receive a response by email. Customers' submissions will be sent to a monitored mailbox. Due to the high volume of mail, please allow up to 15 business days for a response.
Who do I contact to report a technical problem with the website?
Select the link in the footer of the website titled Problem with this page? Let us know! to submit an online email message to an FAA website technician. Messages will be placed in queue and responded to in the order that they are received. This function is managed by the Office of Communications (AOC).
The form appears to have expired; can I still use it?
FAA Forms do not expire. All official FAA forms display a form number and issuance date located in the bottom, left-hand corner of the form. Forms provided in FAA Forms are current, authorized versions.

The number and/or date you are likely referring to is the Office of Management & Budget (OMB) control number and expiration date, which is located at the top, right-hand corner of a form. OMB is the agency that authorizes information collection activity for all agencies. The OMB control number and expiration date are only displayed on public-use FAA forms. The control number confirms that the form has received OMB authorization to collect information from the public which is necessary to process the form. All collection authorizations are approved on a 3-year basis and are renewable. That expiration date applies to the specific OMB collection activity only and not to the form. Not all FAA forms have the OMB control number displayed on them; this only applies to forms that collect information from the public. If a collection is currently under review by OMB for renewal of the collection activity, the date may appear as expired. In these situations, the form is not expired and may continue to be used for its intended purpose. If you have questions regarding this OMB information collection activity, visit the White House website.

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